Oseque Timeline & Achievements

By Oseque Team | August 5, 2021


Feb. 2020

Launched OSEQUE Sanitizer (hand sanitizer)

May. 2020

Launched OSEQUE The Cleanser (GS MY SHOP, SK Store)

Jun. 2020

Released OSEQUE Bubble Handwash, 3D Mask

Aug. 2020

Launched Silk Body Peeling Season 1 (Hyundai Home Shopping)

Sep. 2020

OSEQUE featured in the Duty Free Shop of Hyundai Department Store

Oct. 2020

Launched Silk Body Peeling Season 2 (Public Home Shopping)


Participated in the Cosmoprof Fair in Hong Kong (meloMELI)


Launched the “Made from nature” OSECHWANGTO Signature Bar (Public Home Shopping)

Nov. 2020

Exclusive launched OSECYAKSON (Public Home Shopping)


Launched Silk Body Peeling Season 2 (Hyundai Home Shopping)


Feb. 2019

Launched the OSEQUE Hyaluronic Pure Ampoule, OSEQUE Hydrating Skin Perfector


Launched the OSEQUE Pure Noble Water Mineral Mask


Sold 350,000 bottles of “OSEQUE Hyaluronic Pure Ampoule” through KOL live broadcast on Taobao

Mar. 2019

Sold 2 million “OSEQUE Pure Noble Water Mineral Mask” through l KOL live broadcast on Taobao


Sold 50,000 bottles of “OSEQUE Highlight Toning Cream” through KOL live broadcast on Taobao

Apr. 2019

OSEQUE became available at 150 drug stores of “Watsons” chain in Hong Kong


Distribution channel "Qoo10" in Singapore began selling OSEQUE


Participated in the Allure Green Campaign

May. 2019

OSEQUE represented at the Shanghai Beauty Expo


meloMELI took part in the KCON 2019 JAPAN

Aug. 2019

Signed an exclusive distributor contract for Bright Diva Korea Co., Ltd.; began active expansion in Chinese distribution market

Sep. 2019

Launched OSEQUE “OH! MY FACE SHINE A LIGHT SERUM”(Home & Shopping)


May. 2017

Participated in the China Beauty Expo in Shanghai

Jul. 2017

Signed exclusive modeling contract with Bae Yoon-kyung

Oct. 2017

Launched the Sensation makeup line (eyeliner/foundation/mascara)


Launched at Home & Shopping (OSECHWANGTO Body Scrub)

Nov. 2017

Featured as a brand by Cosmoprof in Hong Kong

Dec. 2017

Signed exclusive modeling contract with idol group JBJ for the launching of meloMELI

Apr. 2018

meloMELI participated in KCON 2018 JAPAN

May. 2018

OSEQUE took part in China Beauty Expo in Shanghai

Jul. 2018

Launched the Silky Bright Enzyme Powder Facial Wash


OSEQUE became available at Dongdaemun Doota Duty Free Shop & Gangnam Shinsegae Duty Free Shop

Nov. 2018

Featured by SCJ Home Shopping in Vietnam


OSEQUE and meloMELI participated in Cosmoprof in Hong Kong


Launched True Noble Soil Layering Mask, Hydro Deep Sea Cream Mask


Launched the meloMELI Magic Spell makeup line (mascara/eyeshadow/blusher)

Dec. 2018

OSEQUE became available through distribution channel Taobao in China


Feb. 2015

Participated in Cosmoprof Bologna 2015

Mar. 2015

Songhak Co., Ltd signed MOU as 1st tenant company of Korea-China Trade Center in Weihai, China

Sep. 2015

Participated in the Guangzhou International Beauty Expo Autumn 2015

Nov. 2015

Participated in Cosmoprof in Hong Kong, launched at SASA

May. 2016

Participated in China Beauty Expo in Shanghai

Jun. 2016

Launched Shocking Mascara, The Cleanser (CJ IMC MAXICO)

Jul. 2016

Participated in China International Fashion Brand Fair in Shenzhen, became available at Korea brand pavilion of the Suning Holdings in China

Launched High-end Touch foundation in Turkey CJ


Feb. 2012

Selected as the best partner of 2012 by GS Home Shopping

Mar. 2012

Selected as the best partner of Hyundai Home Shopping; selected in the Cleanser category (Oxygen Cleanser) at the 9th Korean Cosmetics event hosted by CMN

Dec. 2012

Received citation from Fair Trade Commission for the 17th Consumer Day

Apr. 2013

Ranked #1 in overall cosmetics at Lotte Home Shopping

Jul. 2013

Showking Pop Tint Lipstick selected as the best product in Vietnam by SCJ Home Shopping

Dec. 2013

Selected as the #1 sales partner of Hyundai Home Shopping in the hairdressing sector

Nov. 2014

Guruppon selected as hit product of the year by the Chosun Ilbo.

Dec. 2014

Ranked #1 best seller among beauty products in Hyundai Home Shopping in the first half of the year


Jan. 2008


Apr. 2008

Selected as an excellent partner by Lotte Home Shopping

Aug. 2010

OSECHWANGTO Oriental Medicine Soap became available at Rakuten in Japan

Apr. 2011

Selected as the best partner by Hyundai Home Shopping

Dec. 2011

"Oxygen Cleanser" became the #1 best cleanser in Korea by market share


Jan. 2005

Acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international certification

Dec. 2005

Won the "Korea's Best Luxury Brand Award" by Sports Korea

Mar. 2006

Registered a patent for massage beauty pack using loess powder and plant extracts

Mar. 2007

Launched at 6 Lotte Duty Free stores

Apr. 2007

Participated in the Russian Beauty Expo in Moscow

May. 2007

Selected as an SME by INNO BIZ


May. 2002

Established Songhak Co., Ltd.

Jun. 2002

Launched Loess Pack

Apr. 2004

Launched OSECHWANGTO Oriental Medicine Soap

May. 2004

Selected as an "Excellent Company in the Era of Local Economies" by the Korea Economic Daily and Gyeonggi-do Provincial Office


Won the grand prize at the "Korea Eco-friendly Quality Management Awards" hosted by Environment Daily and Korea Quality Certification Institute


Selected as "Eco-friendly Cosmetics" by Korea Quality Certification


Received the Customer Impression Project (KHANT) Grand Prize